History of our company

From about 7 hectares of vineyards that develop for 3 kilometers along the Tramazzo Valley, on varied hilly terrain, the company produces grapes for wines of excellent quality and different nature depending on the type of soil and location.

Quality and typicality

The work in the cellar, although carried out with modern equipment, is carried out with the utmost respect for tradition, to protect the quality and typicality of our wines.

From two vineyards completely different from each other for variety, altitude and exposure, we produce completely different wines, which cover well the table of Romagna, accompanying all the most typical dishes.

The good wine has always been the one made by LU.VA.

The production is limited to the typical wines of Romagna, respecting the tradition and the yield of the land (about 40-50 q.li/ha): Cabernet Sauvignon, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese and Trebbiano.

To guarantee the high standard of quality, all operations are carried out directly in the cellar.